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Getting started in cyclocross

Muddy Tom pictured after a cyclocross event

Whilst others in the club either turn to their digital version of themselves on Zwift. Some head to the Cinnamon Café in Windsor or just hang the bike up in the shed for the winter months. Making the bizarre decision to do cyclocross off-road races in whatever the weather conditions instead. I get covered in mud, dismount and carry rather than ride my bike for parts of the race.

When I took up cycling in 2016, looking at the British Cycling website. I came across cyclo-cross information and decided then and there that this was something that I wanted to do. For some reason I have continued with this decision.

About cyclocross

For those unfamiliar with cyclo-cross, it is a sport that usually takes place in the winter or off season for cyclists. it was thought to be started by pro road cyclists who were keeping up their training. The first French national championships were in 1902, so it’s not a new phenomenon. But it has been gaining in popularity recently and specific bikes are now more mainstream. Find out more at cyclocross magazine if you are interested.

Over the course of the next few posts, I will roundup of my 2018/19 season which is my second-year attempt at the sport!

Post by Tom Pemberton

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